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Revision Spine Surgery
Long Island

Who is a Candidate for Revision Surgery?

Revision surgery for the spine is a procedure meant for patients who have already undergone other forms of spinal surgery in the past. Successful spine surgery should lead to complete pain relief within three months. However, if you continue experiencing persistent pain or develop new chronic pain symptoms, you may have to undergo a revision spinal surgery.

Revision spine surgeries are usually performed in the cervical (neck) or lumbar (lower back) regions. Revision surgeries in the cervical region are usually necessary because of a failed cervical disc replacement; revision surgeries in the lumbar region might be necessary because of a failed lumbar spinal fusion.

Revision surgery may also be necessary because of an infection, hardware failure, re-herniation of a disc, or the degeneration of other spinal components. Spine surgeries usually fail due to insufficiency or inaccurate diagnosis, incorrect methodologies, or inadequate surgical treatments. You can avoid spine surgery failures by consulting a board-certified neurological surgeon. Come to McHugh Neurosurgery for revision spine surgery on Long Island.

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What are the potential causes of a failed spinal surgery?

  • Formation of scar tissues at the site of the surgery.
  • Surgical errors that damage the treatment site.
  • The spine doesn’t fuse correctly.
  • The implant material or hardware malfunctions.
  • Re-herniation of a damaged disc.
  • The surgery was performed at a site with referred pain, i.e., not the point of origin.
  • Surgery wasn’t necessary.
  • The procedure didn’t address the actual root cause of your pain.
  • Your medical condition had a limited chance of success.
  • Infections due to surgery.
  • The surgery was performed by an inexperienced doctor.

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When do you need revision spinal surgery?

  • It has been over three months since your spine surgery, and you’re still experiencing back pain and neck pain.
  • You’re experiencing new symptoms of spinal problems.
  • The pain and symptoms have returned after briefly receding.
  • You’re experiencing persistent or recurrent pain.
  • The symptoms are worsening, including numbness, tingling sensations, muscle weakness, etc.
  • You’re losing bladder and bowel control.
man needing revision spine surgery long island

Why choose Dr. Brian McHugh?

Dr. Brian McHugh often treats patients suffering from the symptoms of failed spine surgery conducted at another institute. He’s a board-certified neurological surgeon with an exceptional Ivy League education and training background. Before recommending revision spine surgery on Long Island, he runs various advanced tests to identify the precise root cause of your spinal problems.

Following the diagnosis, Dr. McHugh curates a non-operative treatment regimen consisting of medications, corticosteroid injections, physical therapy, etc. If all else fails, he personalizes a minimally invasive treatment plan according to your unique needs and concerns. His careful, patient, and considered approach to spine surgery ensures success.

Through extensive experience, Dr. McHugh has developed the ability to identify potential sources of complications and subsequently neutralize those problems before they occur. The following methods allow him to ensure success:

  • He carefully diagnoses the root cause of your pain and symptoms.
  • He exhausts all non-invasive treatment options before considering surgery.
  • He uses minimally-invasive surgical techniques to minimize tissue damage.
  • The use of minimally-invasive procedures also eliminates the need to cut the muscles, leading to better results.
  • He uses effective anti-adhesive agents to minimize scarring around the nerves.
  • He uses 3D navigational tools to ensure complete accuracy.
  • He is with you through every step of the recovery to ensure you have a smooth, painless, and effective recovery.

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